How to book student accommodation ?

Choose your accommodation: :

Choose the city where you will study..

Select your residence and your desired accommodation type..

Fill out the booking form

Enter all the requested information about the tenant(s) and the guarantor(s).

Provide the necessary supporting documents

For the tenant(s):

For the guarantor(s):

You can send us your documents either via the website following the booking form or by post by entering the name of the rental applicant in your mail.

In the event of failing the baccalaureate or non-acceptance at the chosen school, your booking file may be cancelled and the advanced fees will be reimbursed. To do this, simply send the proof of failure or refusal within 48 hours after the results are released.

Sign the rental agreement

Upon receipt of your booking and your documents, a NEMEA Appart'Etud manager will validate your reservation.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the rental agreement and the deed of guarantee which you will only have to print in as many copies as there are parts of it. The tenant and the guarantor must initial all the pages of all the copies.

The tenant must sign the rental agreement at the location provided on pages 1 and 2.

The guarantor(s) must copy the text of the deed of guarantee on the lines provided for this purpose after the text, without erasure or blank spaces and sign the deed of guarantee in the space provided.

Copies of the contract and the deed of guarantee must be returned to the address indicated on the confirmation email within 3 working days, otherwise your booking will be cancelled.