When is the best time to look for student accommodation?

Finding your student accommodation isn't always easy, there is high demand and the best offers on the housing market are often snapped up. When is the best time to look for student accommodation you ask? Nemea Appart'Etud know when.

Start early and reserve your student accommodation

If you can reserve your student accommodation early, it's better to start early and do just that. Three months before the university year starts again most students have gone on holiday and their accommodation becomes free. There aren't many people looking so you'll have plenty of choice.

Start looking in the summer

It's time to wake up and find your flat. In July and August there is a lot of competition and studios don't stay on the market for long, if you want to find the right place in the perfect location you need to be reactive.

Finding student accommodation in September

In September most students will have already found their student accommodation. If you are looking for somewhere that makes you feel good, you might find there are only ugly, badly managed or badly located flats available.

Finding a student flat in a student residence

Student residences offer specially designed, stylish, equipped flats, all year round. Just like our Nemea Appart'Etud residences: rent includes quality facilities like internet and a gym. Check availability online and plan your visit!

Added on 07 February 2018